The Bedsit Banter Series Season 3 Part 1: 5 ways to survive a Fuelmageddon

This is you, going about your errands when all of a sudden the little fuel tank light on the dash lights up. Your heart beats faster, your hands become clammy and your eye begins to twitch. “It’s already that time?” You whine in your mind furiously trying to determine which errands or unnecessary saskam rounds led you to this perilous moment. As the anxiety sweeps through your body you start thinking if you even have the money for fuel, and if not how much of your stashed savings you’re willing to convert into the tank. Then the hassle of actually finding the golden liquid begins. Sigh. Buuut fear not, here are a few ways you can stay on top of the fuel fix and survive the Fuelmaggedon.

1. Join as many fuel WhatsApp groups as possible

Although this may be a no-brainer for some, it might be a bit of a shlep for people who generally do not like groups because of their noisy nature. Being in a WhatsApp fuel group is pretty helpful since you can’t be in a lot of places at the same time, there are people on the ground who can help you figure out which places have fuel in real-time and may actually be able to indicate the length of the queue so that you know whether or not you’re likely to get. This is demarcated by stages, stage 1 being the least, and stage 4+ being the longest, windiest, what-am-I-thinking-getting-into-this queue scenario.
However, stage 4++ isn’t a really bad thing if the tanker is offloading. All you need is a bit of patience and you might just get some- that’s what she said!

2. Like a Cub Scout, ALWAYS be prepared

Fuel queues are Not for the faint-hearted. In many cases, you join one on a scorching hot laser-like day without a cloud or tree in sight or if you’re lucky, when it’s a bit cooler closer to the evening (“lucky” here being that you’re at a service station that serves through the night) or you’re working the night shift. In this case(yes, I’m literally writing this while in a stage 4+ queue) I’m working the night shift, in the rain. Always make sure that if you know you’ll be in a queue, get some food with you or make sure you’ve eaten before heading out. There’s nothing more annoying than having to sit it out for hours while your tummy provides the backing vocals of your vehicular solitude. Bananas make a great snack for fuelmaggedon, they’re healthy, pretty filling and, there’s certainly a reason why long distance travellers call them shamwari dzerwendo-they really are your edible friends who keep you away from the loo. Water is a must, to stay hydrated and maybe some snacks too. Stashing some non-perishable snackage in your glove compartment that won’t tempt you on a regular day is also a plan to consider in case you join a queue without having planned to. In the event you’re on night shift, make sure you have enough warm clothing or blankets. Even in the middle of summer, that late-night to early morning chill can be incredibly brutal.

3. Make sure you’re entertained

This is really important if you’re going to make it through without losing your sanity. If you read, bring a book-I remember getting through almost half of a set book from my book club while waiting for fuel. Download your fave podcast, save some movies, make sure you have music that won’t repeat within 2 hours because you will be here for a long, long time. If you bring your gadgets, make sure you have a backup power source because what you have sometimes won’t be enough. If your partner doesn’t have one, you can easily get them one here for Valentine’s:) you’re welcome! Another way you can entertain yourself is by having fuel queue dates-these might be a thing already, I may be late to the party, but it’s not a bad idea at all. I mean that’s some solid QT without having to spend a lot just like these other ideas I wrote about here. Car conversations are often more real due to the lack of distractions, and having company while you wait for hours is pretty cool instead of running your batteries flat.

4. Be patient…like extremely patient

As explained earlier, some fuel queues can go on for more than 60 cars…that’s give or take 1.5km. So you will definitely be a while. I’m not sure if I’m the only one who feels this way, but if I’m at the end of a very long line and then another car comes behind me, I’m a lot more at ease because of the comfort in numbers notion, like at least I’m not dead last, lol!  If we don’t end up getting fuel, you have a sort of queue-buddy who you can mutually vent to. But another thing, you have to try not losing it, being in line for a long time can be physically and mentally draining so you have to make sure that you’re not easily triggered despite being in a fuel line Russian roulettesque situation where it’s a relief to get a shot of fuel. Patience in a fuel queue is not a virtue, it’s an absolute must. In the event that you wait as the fuel is being dispensed by a fuel lorry, you have to wait. If it’s a “fast” moving queue, you will still wait for approximately 5 to 10 minute intervals. If it’s a slow-moving queue with dreaded queue pirates (arr!), maybe a bit longer or your life might just slowly drift away for 2 more hours depending on how ruthless the hoppers are or how voracious the attendants’ pockets are.

5. Stay alert

Because of the long waiting periods, sometimes it’s easy to get carried away or lose focus of your surroundings. Try to always be alert and aware as there are a lot of people who can take advantage of your momentary or prolonged lapse in attention. A few incidents of theft in a queue have been recorded so it’s always good to make sure that valuables are out of sight and your doors are locked at all times. Also, being alert may help in curbing fuel queue pirates, especially the ones who quietly slip into line towards the middle of the line. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to miss out on fuel by one or two cars after having waited and wasted pretty much half your day.

Watching other cars zoom by, living their best lives, while you’re stuck in a start-stop motorcade isn’t the ideal way to spend any day of the week and any time of the day. The only hope you can cling onto is the hope that you might just get some fuel. For now, you just wait and work out the most efficient and absolutely necessary trips you’ll make when you do get the fuel. It’s no longer about “knowing my car” anymore, all the rave now is about starting to make the search when you get to a quarter, or at least before that bright little orange fuel icon pops up.


You, caged in your car while other cars live their best lives- Source Spongebob Squarepants

As you move forward, urging your car to go on with a soft “c’mon girl” she finally lurches to the pump on petrol vapour.  You’ve made it! You and your car have fought the good fight and you can finally breathe as the smell of petrol rises and your car happily gurgles the liquid. She lives to run another day, and you survive to traipse around on yet another saskaam round.


The Bedsit Banter Series Season 2 Part 10: Do you believe in Life After Love?

‘Tis the season to scramble about and find a non-sarcastic politically correct answer to the question, “why aren’t you married?” Yes, the Christmas and New Year’s holiday continues to be the bane of the mid to late twenty-something year old female and even males alike. It’s always such a joy to give a smirk-you know that emoji that’s smiling but not really smiling? Yeah, that one and a gritting of the teeth while responding with some obscure answer or a merely audible “soon.” Aaaah yes, bliss! But I’m not about to get into that again, I’ve definitely vented more than enough about this unwelcome question over the duration of this blog. On a more positive note, I’ll just gloss over some of the things I learnt in 2018 based on the posts I had written earlier this year. This will also serve as a recap of all of the posts I’ve written this year, just in case you may have missed any of them.

The Year of the Bae

So today, the 29th of December 2018, I just found out that Cher sang the song “Believe.” Yes, the one with the lyrics in the title and ends with “I can feel something inside me say, I really don’t think you’re strong enough, no…” Yep, that one. On a sidenote, it’s definitely a karaokeable song for 2019. 2018 was really the year of the bae for many people, myself included. Unfortunately, like several others too, the relationship crashed and burned but do you know what I learnt? As I sashayed away from the flames without looking over my shoulder(que in Mike and the Mechanics…scratch that, Cool Dudes don’t look at Explosions) I learnt that no matter what, keep believing in love, but be smart about it, you aint’ no Gloria Gaynor nor Lionel Richie, don’t allow love to make a fool outta you!

For the Hate of Valentines

I’m still not a fan of Valentines although I do pride myself and my Cupcake company CUpTown Cakes for pretty much being Cupid’s BFF, right hand girl and employee of the the year as Cupid’s Quiver Holder-In-Chief. I love love but Valentine’s kind of feels a bit forced and fake for me.I still believe in an any random day Valentine as opposed to a worldly imposed day to celebrate feelings for significant others. However, I certainly won’t judge those who do it, actually,I’ll probably be running around for other couples, jumping through red rose hoops and getting all the bells and whistles for 14 February. Sometimes it’s just nice to watch from the sidelines J

When the wallet says no but love is still open for business

I laugh at his one because it actually had a more risque title before I PC’ed it. You can check the address bar once you’ve clicked on the link to see what it was originally. Having said that, it rings  very true though for both females and males alike. Relationshippers (defined as people in relationships,no thanks to Urban Dictionary) really need to put in the effort in gifting their people. A lot of people tend to shy away from this thinking that it’s really expensive and might even say their partner’s are high maintenance. But as a rule of thumb, if you know your person and what they like, you’re already know what to expect and you know how to make them happy, not only with physical gifts but other intangible gifts too. Oh, and just this afternoon I was having a conversation with my friend Mtho about spontaneity in relationships generally, which could also apply to gifts (physical and intangible).

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-29 at 19.27.18


In as much as spontaneity is awesome, structure is equally important. Imagine trying to surprise someone who may or may not be at the point of meeting when you decide to surprise them, or they’re not in a good place to receive said surprise. Considering we’re all going through some level of adulting (said levels lie between rock and hard place btw) routine in life in general and in relationships is very important. And again, know your person.

Which takes me to Love Languages, what I believe an understanding of these and how they apply to your partner should be the foundation of your relationship. I won’t delve too much into these as I’ve pretty much covered them in that particular blog, however, one of the greatest lessons I’ve learnt about relationships in general pertaining to the Love Languages is that a person’s Love Language isn’t permanent. As seasons in a person’s life change, you become more inclined to having your partner cater to a love language differently than before. For example, if Quality Time was a priority before and all of a sudden there’s a shift in your schedule because of school, work or any other thing that takes more of your time than with your partner, it’s more likely that your main language will shift from Quality Time to say, Acts of Service (your partner could give you a hand in one or 2 errands you need to run and don’t have time for) or even Gift Giving (your partner could give you something physical that reminds you that they are there and they care regardless of the reduced time you have to share. And it goes both ways too. Being present in a relationship and being aware of things will help in identifying the Love Language of the Season.

Love In Kilometres

Long distance relationships suck. They’re not for the faint-hearted as they really require a lot of patience and most importantly TRUST. If you can’t handle it, don’t do it. If you can, good for both of you, I personally admire those that persevere through them. Power to you!!!

Love Me? The Love Stock Take

Once in a while it’s good to take stock of your relationship to see if you’re being loved the way you feel you should be. And it’s not one-sided either…take it as a job evaluation. As bae, are you doing the things that make the love to be felt by the other party and how do they rate you? What improvements to do feel each of you should make to make it feel better. Is your relationship like a warm and cozy home with a warm crackling or is it a bare, drafty empty space? “Am I still loving you right” should always be a question that’s asked every so often to keep that warm cracking, roasted marshmallowesque fire going.

As for Acrimoniously Ever After, in 2019 if you haven’t watched Nappily Ever After, please do yourself a favour and don’t do it…In Acrimony, my question of the year still remains, HOW DID MELINDA END UP ON THE BOAT??? Ok, maybe for a lot of people that wasn’t it but it sure was for me. For the other question, I believe both were wrong but Robert was on levels of impossibility for a large chunk of the movie. I also have a personal vendetta with him since he constantly made me spill my vino!

Basically that was 2018 in a nutshell, lots of lessons learnt and a whole lot more waiting to be learnt in 2019. I’m excited for the future and in as much as as things may be a bit tough, I think we should all be too, in life and in love. Cheers to a fantastic and love-filled 2019!




The Bedsit Banter Series Season 2 Part 9: Acrimoniously Ever After

A couple of weekends ago, I decided to finally get round to watching two of the most talked about  by my peers and arguably most advertised movies after Black Panther. Yes, Netflix was definitely making a song and dance about the one and women and men engaged in probably the biggest relationship debate of all time, so in terms of word of mouth, it did pretty well.  As a particularly non-eventful weekend, I invited my good friend Nicola over and with wine and popcorn in abundance, we decided to delve into the wormhole of frequent lamentation and even more frequent “let’s pause and let that sink in” moments, that were ultimately caused by Netflix’s Nappily Ever After and Tyler Perry’s Acrimony.

First up on the movie mini- marathon playlist was Nappily Ever After, which we watched on a Friday evening. I stress the fact that this was a Friday because, after a particularly harrowing and beyond busy week, the selection of entertainment really shouldn’t leave you with more questions than answers neither should it have any business dabbling in a weak storyline. We really needed the good stuff, the movie that would blow our minds and have us dumbfounded by bedtime, the next morning and beyond. Were we dumbfounded? No.  Basically, after having a colleague harp on about its “awesomeness” and succumbing to the volley of Youtube ads, I was finally convinced that I should watch it, and boy was I disappointed. I remember I was so confused and emo about it, that I wrote an entire thread about it on Twitter.

So for the benefit of those that haven’t watched it yet, a word to the wise- DON’T DO IT. There were a few people that had advised me of the same but because of my high propensity for FOMO, I went ahead and did it anyway. If you’re going to take my advice or you’ve watched it already, keep reading. If not, good luck! In the meantime, I will share with you a little synopsis of the storyline. So basically, Nappily Ever After is about a girl who is somewhat obsessed with her straightened hair, almost mad obsessed to the extent that any sign of rain is a real-life nightmare. One day, the worst day of her life happens and her hair gets rained on, meaning she has to now go to an unfamiliar salon because her mum and hairdresser didn’t come through. Said salon messes up her hair because the main hairdresser’s (who happens to be male) daughter (who we honestly thought was a boy for the first half of the movie) mixed up relaxer cream and hot oil treatment. At this point, we already had about 10 questions. Homegirl naturally throws her toys out because her prized possession is ruined, clumps of hair were falling out, which basically meant her world is falling apart. Fast forward, she gets a good weave and life goes on. So it’s her birthday and she’s excited because she assumes live-in bae is going to finally pop the question after 2 or so odd years of being together since she had discovered “the box” hidden (not really) in some closet. Birthday dinner happens and boom, it’s actually a tag for a cute little dog. She calls for an intervention in the bathroom, calms down for the sake of her guests and accepts Fifi or whatever the ridiculously cliche name of the dog was into her life. She then confronts bae later on at home, indicating that she thought he was going to do the proposing thing that night? Boyfriend basically tells her he’s not ready, he barely knows who she is…he harps on some nonsense that indicates he’s not ready to settle down now or in the near future. She throws him out. Fast forward, She goes out on terrible dates, has a meltdown, shaves her head, becomes ashamed of said shaved head then finds confidence to rock it. Befriends hairdresser’s daughter(yes, the one that basically burnt her hair off) sort of has a thing with said hairdresser, hair grows, quits her job, gets back together with former bae, he finally proposes, turns out former bae is still a douche, everybody jumps into the swimming pool. The end.

As nonsensical as that was, imagine watching an entire 90 minutes and seeing it unfold frame by frame. But one thing I picked up though, which was a bit disturbing and sort of transcends into real life relationships was when the boyfriend basically told her that he’s had issues with her for the last two years, like he basically didn’t know her. My bone of contention is that if she hadn’t had this meltdown, they literally would’ve continued coasting around this relationship to nowhere. I was now curious to know what the basis of the relationship was about since communication, as big as it should be in any relationship, was clearly lacking in this one. I mean, if you don’t air out what you’re uncomfortable with, or at the very least, things that you like, then what’s the point? What’s then the glue that’s supposedly holding you together if you’re not 100% happy with the status quo?

Not to dwell too much into Nappily ever after, the next day, we attempted Acrimony. This was more of what we were looking for as it had us clutching at our pearls and taking several pause and wine breaks due to its emotional rollercoaster-esque nature. Storyline aside, in true Tyler Perry fashion, there were quite a number of scenes where things were a bit over-dramaticized ie When Melinda drove her car into the caravan, those injuries surely couldn’t have robbed her of her ovaries right? But, who am I to say, I ain’t no doctor. Also her stalking was a bit much…the question I still have up until now is HOW THE HECK DID SHE GET ON THE BOAT!?!?!?!? Other than that, and I know quite a number of people may think otherwise, I thought the movie was brilliant and the hell hath no fury storyline was played pretty well albeit the overkill. It was also pretty cool to see a mini-crossover of one of the actors from the movie we had watched the night before- Lyriq Bent, who had played hairdresser guy, Will in Nappily, was now Robert, the protagonist’s husband in Acrimony. In the interest of word count and because it’s such a good movie, I would recommend you watch it for yourself if you haven’t already done so.

Now, getting into the nitty gritty and lessons/relatable scenes I could pick up from Acrimony. The obvious theme, Melinda’s patience and resilience. Despite every disappointment at every turn from Robert, Melinda stuck it out to the point of her picking her man over her family who could clearly see what it was doing to her. Robert eventually made it, despite it being after 18 or so arduous years but as it was a little too late, Melinda had since tapped out. At this point, Nikki and I did a standing ovation, we were beyond fed up on Melinda’s behalf, Robert had really outdone himself in doing the most. Oftentimes he’d even gaslight her by pointing out that she still wasn’t supporting him enough in shielding him from her family despite him having burnt through all her money. Ungrateful much? But against the odds, and honestly through the patience of high school fling, Diana, he eventually made it. This sort of reminds me of the little picture of 2 guys digging towards diamonds with the other guy giving up just before the jackpot whereas the second guy keeps digging emphatically because he believes a breakthrough is nigh. But, how long is too long to hold on? In this case, Melinda was the epitome of “standing with your man through thick and thin” and said man only got to the breakthrough soon after she had called it quits. He then eventually paid her back “everything” he owed her in monetary value but was it really enough? That then was the crux of the great debate. Personally, I think no. The money was never enough- you can never put a value on loyalty, compromise, belief and sacrifice. How do you quantify emotional investment? How do you repay someone who has supported you with their all and pretty much protected you not only from the world but from their family?  Someone who believed in you so much that everything they own went into supporting your dream. Nope, money can never be enough. I’m not sure what is, but money isn’t it.


Image Credit: Google

Basically that was my experience on these two movies. There are definitely a lot more issues that need to be explored further on both, which I will expand on in future posts. Let me know what you think about Nappily Ever After and Acrimony and how you felt about the addressed and non-addressed issues.




The Bedsit Banter Series Season 2 Part 8: Love Me?-The Love Stock take

The other day I was driving out to get some baking stuff. Yeah, I’m into baking now, It seems to be another passion that I somewhat recently but gleefully stumbled upon. Here I was face to face with the gate of this establishment which had note on the firmly shut gate written on it. “Sorry, we’re closed today for stock take.” I think the next line went something along the lines of “we will advise when we will re-open, for any queries, please contact (insert number).” I was highly annoyed, and for a Friday afternoon, I was thinking why the heck is there a frigging stock take today of all days, almost an entire week into the new month when surely it must have been done earlier? Having worked in retail before, I kind of figured that month-end or the first 2 or so days into the month is when this normally took place. Until I realised that ours is but a very special country whose economic policies make consumers and businesses alike skittish leading to a  “stocktake” of sorts to use as a scapegoat to probably upwardly adjust their prices (honestly through no fault of their own) to cushion themselves from the negative repercussions said policies might cause. But I’m not an economics blogger, neither am I about to bog you down with some depressing narrative on how our economy seems to be going down the drain. One thing that did catch my attention though, is the actual term “Stock take.” I mean, if I were to give them the benefit of the doubt, the company was probably actually taking into account the stock they have and ascertaining the actual value they hold. This got me thinking…not in isolation of course, but it definitely set my little mind cogwheels in action. It got me asking myself the question if people in relationships actually press the pause button, or slow down the ride to take into account what the relationship is developing into, if promises made at the very beginning are being kept and if as partners you’re just good ‘ol loving each other right.
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The Bedsit Banter Series Season 2 Part 7: Love in Kilometres

During my first year in college I managed to get my hands on the then fairly new Brandy album, Human. At that time the album had been out for about a couple of years and the R n B songs were very new to my normally pop-music acclimatised ears. Because I had the full album, I obviously had to play it non-stop from beginning to end during any free time I’d get to appreciate it in its entirety and to also be able to pick out my favourite songs which would then be on repeat. I use the word “obviously” a bit loosely here because I would imagine that’s how people listen to a “new” album right…? Maybe….? No? Ok, well, when I listened to it, whenever it looped back to track 6, I would clutch at my little heart and intently listen to a heart-stricken Brandy explaining to bae that “this long distance thing” is tearing her apart. From there it would then obviously move into Long Distance, probably the number one song that made me and a whole bunch of my friends want sing it to a non-existent boyfriend working in another city. Bottom line is, it really got to me, and even more now than ever.
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The Bedsit Banter Series Season 2 Part 6: Ramblings of an Adulting Adult

Guess who finally got round to actually writing a blog post? Yes, me. It’s been a long time coming, having to endure somewhat sub-zero temperatures indoors, arctic temperatures outdoors, making several trashed voice recordings and finally (trust me, I’m saying this with a heck of a lot of exasperation) FINALLY managing to drum fingers on keyboard to write something that actually had nothing to do with said voice recordings, see my life, lol! But, this one is a good one though, well, at least I’d like to think it is….actually, it better be because well…it’s been a long time coming and it must be worth it…surely…maybe…? Ok, I’ll let you get to it.

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The Bedsit Banter Series Season 2 Part 5: Is it cheating if…?

Yesterday afternoon I had the most emotional, gut wrenching and pretty much the most befuddling experience I have ever had thus far this year. Yes, my emotions were sent into overdrive and I became more and more aware of the extent at which people can be twisted, manipulative and on the flipside, ridiculously gullible to things that may seem too obvious to some. My heart and mind were in turmoil, I was restless and queasy for a good hour or so after the incredible revelation. All this happened as I was reading this incredible blog by one of my newly favourite writers Joseyphina. Basically, this series she wrote called Marry Me, was the reason why I was low key having palpitations because (hopefully without pre-empting too much, eek) the main character guy LITERALLY walked into the trap of this other girl and PROPOSED to her with…wait for it, his ACTUAL fiancé’s ring!!! It was just too much to handle. I swear for a good ten minutes I was that distressed Mr Crabs meme where the whole world was spinning into oblivion. What prompted me to write about cheating was the fact that the very same main character dude, pretty much hid his “friendship” with this girl from his fiancé for the longest while fully knowing new fiancée’s ulterior motives and also while flipping out and disapproving of his girlfriend’s platonic friend from work (who happens to like her as well, but that’s beside the point as she didn’t hide that association). THE NERVE! Ok, I’m getting into the feels again *deep breath in* But after having read the latest installment, it got me asking the question, what defines cheating and its parameters?
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The Bedsit Banter Series Season 2 Part 4: Lost In Translation

By now you must already know that I’m a lover of love. A hopeless romantic, the kind of girl who if there were vacancies to be Venus’ assistant, I would be the first one to send through an application…wherever they’d be sent! Heck, I would volunteer to be Cupid’s quiver holder and be in charge of procuring the little bursting hearts. I’m that into love. Over the years though I’ve learnt that love isn’t a meaningless word that should be thrown around willy-nilly without meaning it, neither is “Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more” the answer to “What is love?” Love is and isn’t many things depending on your view and personal experiences. Like a fluid, it takes the shape of what one believes its form and size should be. To me, it is an entire culture, a somewhat mystical and intricate force that still has people trying to decode what it means, how it works, why some do the things they do when they claim to love a person and what they don’t do when they should.  As with anything cultural, language plays a huge role. Put Love and Languages in the same sentence and boom! You have the 5 love languages, a concept borne by counsellor Dr Gary Chapman. I have been meaning to write about this for a while now, and I’m glad I’ve finally come round to actually doing it.
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Bedsit Banter Series Season 2 Part 3- When the wallet says “No,”but love is still open for business

Now that Valentine’s is finally out of the way, I can freely and without a bad conscience offer my take on presenting presents to your loved ones without blowing the bank. My view is that as with Valentine’s, presents aren’t and shouldn’t be a yardstick to gauge your person’s love by, while at the same time, also shouldn’t be withheld because “love is all you need.” Nope, it really isn’t sometimes a physical manifestation of the love you have for your person is very much necessary regardless of your Love Language (dang, I really should get to writing about this now), but yes, let’s spoil our people. Having said that, it really shouldn’t put you out budget-wise.

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The Bedsit Banter Series Season 2 Part 2: For the Hate of Valentines’

A couple of days ago, I was walking past a number of shops in town and not surprisingly, the general feel and colour of pretty much every window display was red and pink and a nauseating amount of little hearts and little fat babies with wings. “Ugh,” I gagged, it’s that time of the year again where every little thing is corrupted and turned into a mini minion of this day, even the most random of items are put on *insert evil mocking voice and accompanying hand air quotes “Valentines’ Special.” I’ve never been a Valentines’ day person. Shocking, I know but that’s exactly how it is. Some have attributed it to the fact that probably 90% of the Valentine’s days I’ve had I’ve been rock bottom single. Note, there are several levels to this singleness…there is single but maybe a prospective lingering in the woodwork, a potential bae of sorts flirting with the friendzone/bae border. On the other side of the spectrum is rock bottom singleness, where the space and time difference between the last relationship is pretty much like being plonked in the middle of the desert with endless dunes, no oasis in sight with the blistering sun beating your lonely single back-That level of singleness. Even the couple of times I have been in a relationship over Valentines it has just been an “I can’t be bothered” type of thing and fortunately or unfortunately the partners I’ve had at the time have also been equally unfazed by the same.  Before I explain why I border on abhorring Valentine’s I’ll start by into the origins of the day, nothing quite like a quick “History lesson” right?
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